This is one of the most sought-after “library music” records, one that for decades was nearly impossible to find until recent years, where Itunes has offered a $7.99 digital download and Light In The Attic Records reissued it in 2016 (already sold out). If you are already familiar with the common attributes of this genre, then expect the same funky beats and basslines, sensual orchestral arrangements, wah-wah guitar riffs, crisp flutes and horns, an audiophile-like production, and an overall cinematic atmosphere. And it was recorded in the mid-70s’ of course, the golden era for this type of production music, which at the time was really only meant to be used in future television and film programing (quite a different time from today!).

One special attribute to this record is how well it has aged. Every track glistens with a sheer beauty, all the while covering a wide range of emotions, from joy and melancholy, to suspense and playfulness. The recording of the bass guitar and drum set is pristine, with the deep resonating notes of the bass sounding borderline contemporary. The drummer used for the sessions sounds absolutely rock-solid, and gives each track a deep, in the pocket groove that is to die for.

But overall, this is an album that must be heard to be believed, in coercion with all the hype it gets. It has the rare quality of leaving an extremely strong impression on first listen without any effort at all.


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