Sub Oslo- “Dubs in the Key of Life” (2000)



Absolutely serene live dub reggae jams performed in real-time by an ensemble of musicians from Denton, Texas. Every song stretched way out (the shortest being only about 9 minutes), enabling lots of improvisation from each band member. But Sub Oslo truly have their own unique sound, one that incorporate just as much inspiration from spacey psychedelia, trance, ambient, and jazz genres as it does with roots reggae music. Lots of unique instrumentation float in and out of the mix alongside the ever present groove of the bass and drums, such as flutes, analog synthesizers, tape loops, sparkling pianos, melodicas, etc. But the music always ends up being the most pleasant stew At the end of the day, there are really only a handful of modern dub groups that produce their music organically, such as Dub Trio, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, Raime, Ted Parsons-related projects like Teledubgnosis and Necessary, and a few Bill Laswell side projects, and yet Sub Oslo still has their own distinctive sound and aesthetic. In 2014 the band remastered the album themselves and released it for free download on their bandcamp page, along with their self-titled EP from 1998! Fans of this type of music don’t want to sleep on this!





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